Sunday, 22 June 2014

Money-Power-Sex and Beyond

“All humans are stuck in the vicious cycle of money, power and sex” quoted by my teacher in one of my self-development classes. I began to reflect on his statement. He meant we all humans have issues only in one of the above three areas of life. Is that true?? I began to explore this; during my counselling sessions when I use to make notes I use to keep this statement of money, power and sex in my head. Here is what I have experienced.

Either people were stuck with issues related to money like “I have financial issues”, “I don’t have enough”, “I want more money”, “My salary is not enough” , “the family is not happy because I don’t give them enough money”  etc. There was no content feeling with the current earnings/money status. Happiness was attached to the earnings of an individual. This made me reflect; am I stuck here too???  Then there was a self talk which said “There is enough for all in this universe” and that is so true there is enough for all; when we need something it is given to us; I strongly believe that the universe takes care of all our material needs and if it is not given at that point to us that means it was not needed.
Power: Human seeks position, respect “I am so and so” “I am something” all the time naming our self our positions, our achievements etc. Here is what the fact is; we were born out of nothing and we will be nothing; this is just the journey of being. What I have observed is when one gets stuck with power; then the person faces arguments, fights, separation, humans can go to an extent of killing someone to fulfil their desires of money, power and sex.
Most of us are conditioned to not use the word ‘sex’, as it is not good to talk about it openly, I am glad that today most of us talk and discuss issues and concerns related to sexuality. When one get stuck with the issues of sexuality, the journey of lie begins, one starts to cheat and of course rape incidents; forcing the person to have a physical relationship for the fulfilment of sexual desire.
This was my understanding but then I came across a story of a person, who had everything, lots of money, good power and position and also a soul mate relation. He was still feeling stuck somewhere. Where was he stuck?? Why was he not happy?? That’s when I started exploring the ‘BEYOND’.
What do humans seek for?? What is beyond money – power – sex? A thought of Buddha crossed my mind. What did he want? He had everything. What he was seeking was peace.  This is what humans want; this is beyond all money-power-sex.  I have experienced peace through acceptance of oneself and others. We are very comfortable with someone who accepts us the way we are, we experience peace.
Money-power-sex keeps us busy and distracted but all we need is peace and then nothing matters. The calm mind and soul makes the journey easier and peaceful. The state of ‘ananda’ true happiness.
Let me also add this, it is not easy to heal self or even someone else who is stuck at one of the above areas. We all seek peace that is the true desire of each soul; the difference is that we all have our own journey and a rollercoaster ride to experience that peace. There is no competition to reach peace it’s just each of our journeys to reach that state at its own pace. We all are learning and evolving to achieve that true happiness.
The biggest question is HOW??
With whatever experience I have I can say that we just need to trust the nature; as it know how to take care of all our needs. The important thing is to surrender and trust this nature, which is difficult, I understand.
But once that trust and surrender happens the true happiness ‘ananda’, the true peace and love will be experienced and that is BEYOND.
27/02/2014 Thursday 7:46PM